What is Echo Returns?

Reflections for discovering yourself, owning your worth, and taking up space.

Each reflection is a quote or passage that I’ve found meaningful and my thoughts about it. They are meant to make you think about life’s big questions, lean into the sometimes uncomfortable things that come up, and take you on a journey deeper into yourself.

I’m writing about these things because I am questioning, searching, living these things. The beliefs we question and the ones we don’t, the people and moments we take for granted, the physical, emotional and spiritual elements we allow into our environment, all of the choices we make.

My introspection is a deep dive into my own beliefs, moments, elements and choices. I hope that they will help you pause and reflect on your own. Because I believe the more we learn about, challenge, forgive, embrace and find peace with ourselves, the closer we get to living the life we have dreamed of living.

About the author

Echo Returns is written by Jessica Kinsey. Entrepreneur, impact maker, writer, ideator, strategist, puppy lover, coffee snob, wine and cocktail enthusiast, proud Tulsan.

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Reflections on understanding and embracing every beautiful, messy part of ourselves and confidently owning it all, inspired by the words of others.